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Lottery News

After threats from the Legislature, Texas Lottery Commision has agreed to take of sale all the scratch-off tickets, as soon the big prizes will be won.

The $75M winner in the Texas Lottery is revealed. Not by name ofcourse, but a few days ago he came to the store in League City from which he bought the ticket and announced them that he won.

According to officials in Texas Lottery Comission, sales of lottery tickets are down in 30% since 2003, and followed by it are the jackpots and the number of winners.

Texas Lottery will soon be celebrating the Opening Day with two new games. One for the Houston Astros and one for the Texas Rangers.

North Carolina Lottery Results

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Texas Lottery Winner

North Carolina Education Lottery

Lotteries have come to stay in the US. Most of the states in the US have some form of lotteries. The exception was North Carolina the law makers of North Carolina always resisted any introduction of lotteries in their state. Attempts to introduce lotteries always failed.


The only state in USA without any texas lottery was North Carolina. With a very puritan populace the issue of lotteries divided the law makers. A debate was started on the use of lotteries as a means of revenue for developmental projects. The skeptics dubbed the move to introduce lotteries akin to legalizing gambling. 30th August was a red letter day in the history of North Carolina’s lottery when the state assembly conveyed a special vote on lotteries. The vote was tied and the then Lieutenant Governor cast his tie-breaking vote in favor of lotteries paving way for the introduction of lotteries. The two harshest critics lotteries-Harry Brown and John Garwood abstained from voting.

Proceeds And Payouts

The North Carolina lotteries act clearly outlines how the proceeds from the sales of lotteries are to be divided. The law stipulates that 80% of the revenue has to be given back to the public in some form or the other. Fifty percent of the revenue is to be given back to the public as prizes. The retailers get seven percent as commissions. Eight percent of the sales proceeds go in administrative expenses and salary for running the lottery.35% of the sales proceeds is used for funding various educational schemes of the government. Five percent of this amount is kept as reserves in case the lottery sales fall short of the target. The maximum limit of this fund is $100 million.50 % of the remaining fund is used to increase the number of class rooms and the remaining 40% is used for building educational infrastructure like new schools .35% of this amount is given as grants to the schools depending upon their enrolments while the remaining 75% is given to the counties and as collage scholarships. The over all payments of the $1 Scratch card lotteries in North Carolina was 52% in the beginning but later with the introduction of $2 lotteries the prize money was increased.

Available Games

North Carolina lotteries run a number of lotteries. The first scratch off lotteries was started on March 30th 2006.It became immensely popular .North Carolina lottery results became a member of the Multi state lotteries with the introduction of Power Ball game on May31st 2006.The Pick three lotteries was started on October 6th and Cash five was started on October 27th 2006.The Sizzlin Millionaire lotteries was started on May 11th but was discontinued later. North Carolina is a MUSL member and is eligible to offer other games like super lotto but of till now no online games have been started.