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Texas Lottery

In 1933 lotteries in Texas were illegal, with five exceptions. Owners of works of art, mechanical models, and literature or mineral specimens were allowed to raffle these goods under strict conditions. ''Special character'' 4,000 lotteries with alluvial gold prizes were allowed, one at a time, with the texas lottery profits distributed among a host of worthy applicants. Agricultural and horticultural associations were allowed to dispose, by lot or chance, of bona fide specimens exhibited at their shows. At the racecourse, sweepstakes up to a value of 5 were allowed, provided the organizer took no commission. Artists'' art unions were allowed as of right.

Lottery Rules

Texas Lottery Press Release

Texas Lottery Winner

Let’s say a state sells 4 million weekly lottery tickets for a four- week total of 16 million tickets. Each of these 16 miffion tickets participates in the monthly lottery drawing, which is a sort of semifinal for the giant sweepstakes drawing. Under Scarne’s proposed lottery plan, 160 winners out of 16 million tickets will be selected in the monthly lottery. Each of these will receive $500 or $5,000 and be eligible to enter the giant sweepstakes drawing which should take place a week or two after the monthly lottery drawing. The gross sales revenue for 16 million tickets totals $8 miffion from which 10 percent or $800,000 must be placed in a special monthly and giant sweepstakes pool. Out of this $800,000 special pool, $154,000 is used to pay prize awards of $500 or $5,000 to each of the 160 monthly lottery winners. The remaining $646,000 left in the special pool will be distributed as prize awards to the ten lucky winners in the giant sweepstakes drawing

These prize awards are as follows: 50% of the pool’s $646,000 or $323,000 goes to the first-prize winner, 20%, or $129,200, goes to the second-prize winner, 15%, or $96,900, goes to the third-prize winner and 15%, or $96,900, to be divided equally among the seven fourth- prize winners... Read More About Lottery Rules

Trust Collects Top Prize

Tri Cong Lau, trustee of The Lau Family Trust of San Antonio, claimed the top cash prize for the Texas Lottery® $3,000,000 Vegas Action scratch game. The $30 ticket offers players the chance to win up to $3,000,000, paid out in a one-time lump-sum payment... Trust Wins Prize

Selling the State Lottery

AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry today told the Texas Public Policy Foundation that his proposal to sell the Texas Lottery for a 40 year private concession is a fiscally sound proposal that will benefit the state. Financial experts conservatively predict the lottery may be sold for $14 billion, generating an estimated $1.3 billion annual interest based on an average return of 9 percent... Selling The Lottery

Harriet Miers in Texas Lottery Board Commission

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press routinely prepares a summary of the First Amendment and media-related cases handled by nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court. "Because White House Counsel Harriet Miers has not served on the bench or participated in significant appellate cases... Harriet Miers